Basement Waterproofing

Wet or damp basements are one of the most horrific enemies homeowners can face. Water can seep through floors and foundations due to heavy rain, water seepage, downspouts, overflowing gutters, and condensation from pipes through various means including through joints, walls, and floors.

Our service is a great solution to prevent mold damage, damp areas, and related health problem while protecting your most valuable investment, your home and its structure.

Hire Copper Foundation as your contractor & benefit from the following services:

  • Professional basement analysis & identifying wet and damp spaces and the source of it.
  • Highly advanced basement waterproofing systems that have been tested for over 32 years and proven to be unique & effective.
  • Professional sump pump installation & repair including, Zoeller brand.
  • Highly advanced new drainage systems – for a proper water drain flow and avoiding plumbing leaks.
  • Our systems are backed-up with a full life-time warranty.
  • Additional service provided: Complete basement restoration including: cracks, drains, etc.

Obtain a healthier and dry living environment!

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