House Leveling

House leveling or floor leveling, house jacking, or some may call it house lifting, is the process of leveling your floor to its best original position prior to the foundation having moved or shifted.

Settlement of interior posts is almost always due to soil or drainage conditions. It`s also possible that beams could be sagging between supports, or a combination of both issues.

Do you think your house is in need of leveling? Have you noticed your floor squeaking, bouncing or do you have soft spots when you walk on it? Do you have cracks in your walls or doors/windows that don`t open and shut properly? These could be signs that your house might not be level anymore.

House Leveling Services

Since these variations are site-specific, reserve a foundation inspection by our certified inspectors who will evaluate and provide you with the right & permanent solution.

Hiring Copper Foundation as your Foundation leveling contractor provides you with the following benefits:

  • Professional foundation inspection to identify the root cause of the failure.
  • Provide a plan for a permanent cure to prevent future settlement.
  • Leveling and restoring your home to its best original position prior to the foundation shifting.

It`s not just about foundation leveling… It`s all about the security of you and your property. Call Copper Foundation today & schedule your inspection! (800) 516-0901

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