Helical Piers

Compared to mud jacking and slab jacking methods, Helical Piers Systems are the most effective and advanced method of structural stabilization for residential buildings where unstable rock foundations or very deep load bearing stratums are present.

Features and Benefits of MacLeanDixie Helical Foundation Systems:

  • Installed with no vibration
  • Available for immediate use — no concrete or grout to cure
  • No spoils
  • Forged square socket coupling system — no bolts in shear during installation– no elongated or torn bolt holes and no bent bolts during installation.
  • Integral socket hot forged with induction heat — no welds
  • Improved productivity; bolt holes align for faster assembly — just insert next extension and add bolt.
  • No alignment issues when in tight quarters
  • Greater torque capacity for size — best performance value.
  • Helical piles / anchors may be removed
  • Contributes to “Green” environment.
  • Available standard hot dip galvanized ASTM A-153 or black (not coated)

Helical Piers Model

What is a Helical Pier System?

Copper Foundation`s Helical Pier system uses rugged galvanized-steel helical piers screwed deep into the earth`s soil and spacing them at properintervals to support the weight loads specific to the structure.

The weight of your structure is then transferred to the helical piers, preventing any future settlement of your home and providing complete support to your property`s foundation, walls and floors. The bearing capacity is verified as the system is installed.

Helical piers have been in use for the stabilization of foundations since the early 1800’s. The original helical pier was designed as a wooden shaft with an iron helix for use in lighthouse foundations.

Today, helical piers are one of the two most common types of structural piering devices for residential foundation applications in use today. Helical piers are an excellent choice for foundation repair and stabilization when light structural loads, unstable rock foundations or very deep load bearing stratums are present.

HelicalAnchorsThe Benefits of Using Helical Piers

  • Quick and low cost foundation support solution.
  • No heavy equipment normally needed
  • They have the most predicable load carrying capacity
  • Can be installed in limited-access areas
  • Installations can be performed year-round
  • Avoid unnecessary disruption to your lawn and landscape.

With 32 years experience, Copper Foundation delivers

  • FREE thorough visual inspection. *
  • Quality & Professional work
  • 0% interest in-house financing is available
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • High quality stabilization system
  • Stronger and stable foundations; no more shifting!
  • Unmatched safety & assurance to you and your family

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