Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake/Seismic Retrofitting

Anyone living in California should be aware that the motion of an earthquake can shake an unbolted house off its foundation. Earthquake/Seismic retrofitting or house bolting is the process of attaching a house to its concrete foundation using foundation plates and/or anchor bolts.

Why Earthquake/Seismic retrofit?

  • Assuring the safety of you and your family.
  • Protect the structure of your property.
  • Lower your home insurance premium.
  • Increases your property’s value.

Earthquake Retrofitting

By hiring Copper Foundation as your retrofitting contractor you get a secured and durable property for life. Our services includes:

  • A thorough analysis to assess the risk in your home & identifying structural weaknesses.
  • Provide a solution & plan for foundation bolting.
  • Adding structural enhancements that will help keep your property safe and secured from the effects of seismic activity that occurs. These enhancements vary from foundation to foundation: soft story reinforcing, straps that secure equipment, roofing modifications, cripple wall bracing, etc.

Earthquake Retrofitting Services

Copper Foundation specializes in:

  • Earthquake Retrofitting / House Bolting
  • Foundation Repair & Replacement
  • Foundation Excavation
  • Slab Concrete Repair & Replacement
  • Helical Piers Systems
  • Caisson Drilling Foundation
  • Concrete Pouring & Repair
  • Cripple Wall Bracing
  • It’s not just about foundation retrofitting… It’s all about the security of you and your property.

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